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Welcome to TutorAfrique!

IMPORTANT! PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THESE TERMS OF USE, AS THEY AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS. These Terms and condition apply to the all our means of services to our clients. regardless of how you access them (computer, mobile device etc. And you are not authorized to use our services if you are not in agreement with out Terms and Conditions.

Account Registration & Termination

TutuorAfrique provides various online services designed to help improve and change academic experience in Africa and help all the users, and only one account can access all our services. And it is not to be shared with others. Do not impersonate another person, you must use your own personal details. Create and update your account accurately and you are to choose a password for your account. Do not disclose your password to any third party. You agree not to trade your membership right. You agree to notify us on suspicion of unauthorized use of your account. You are responsible for any content or materials you place on this website, and we reserved the right to remove any unwanted materials and still go ahead to terminate your account for violating our rules, and may report such act to the appropriate authorities.

Below are some of the Prohibited ways of Usage of words and materials.

1.Do not post materials that creates a privacy risk to anybody.

2.Any commercial /sales activities without TutourAfrique consent will not be allowed on our website.

  1. Unauthorized copy of another person’s copyrighted work, plagiarism, links to some pirated files will seriously be dealt with.
  2. Spamming, sharing of junk mails, unsolicited chats are not acceptable.

5.Misleading information, promotion of illegal activities, threats and any kind of such will be reported to the law enforcement agents.

Searching a Specific information or subjects tied to an Academic Institution.

We may tie your online tutorship experience to information about your registered institution on our website. Because the services enable you to get all materials and information needed on a course and the school. Note, information and materials may change time after time and you may have to wait for us to update latest information about a school. Therefore, we are not responsible for any misunderstanding about to this. TutorAfrique only update any permitted information from each institution per the law.

Assignment Help, Study Guide and Note Usage

Our Assignment help, and other services are only good for study aids and not a replacement for coursework, lecture requirements and other related materials. You agreed not to post or claim any portion of your assignments. We do assure all answers and study materials are correct, compared to the solutions by lecturers, most especially ones posted by different users. You use all information gotten here for assignments at your own risk. As once a student, our team is aware of the pressures that comes with studying and doing assignments, and we understand the risk students takes in violating some of your various school’s academic code of conducts. Therefore, copying and pasting of solutions, or not going into the details of an assignment as the needs be is not good for learning and comprehension and we are seriously against that on this website. And we will not support this on our platform. We always look forward to work with people who educates to make this platform a good resource the students and their learnings bot now and the future. We welcome all advice as to how we can maintain integrity on the TutourAfrique website.

  1. Outlines, Study Guides and Notes

We will allow people to post or sell information in some cases to help other learners. Only if it is original. Meaning if the user is the creator of that material. Materials without violating any copyright infringements any school authority, publishers, examination board rules etc. And we don not guarantee their accuracy or completeness, they are simply an aid to the study process.

2. Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are what this site is based on, and it must strictly be about tutoring alone, and not any other discussion outside this. It must be used per the purpose. You agreed that our system is to facilitate good communication between students and tutors. And, TutorAfrique does not in anyway a party to any agreement between the user and tutors, because they are not our employees, or agents. We are just running a platform for the users and the tutors to meet and agree on how they can get along. These are our policies on the tutoring services, and we also want you to know that we do not guarantee the tutors competency, we do not control the tutor’s services or their actions. Every interaction, purchase of materials, meetings, both online and offline are done at your own risk. Therefore, we advise you to interact smartly, and use constantly your initiatives as you use our platform. If you ever believe that a User or Tutor has violated law or is defrauding, threatening or endangering anyone, we urge you to immediately contact the law enforcement agency for help.