Online Learning: A Different Perspective.

Image result for online learningOnline Learning is one of the most necessary topics yet to be discussed intensively in this new world and especially in the educational sector. Online learning means home learning using a computer and the internet to take online courses anywhere any day for degrees of all kinds. As easy as it sounds, Online Education has not been so embraced by a lot of the poor countries who are supposed to use the opportunity to build up their educational sector, which is the backbone of the developed countries wealth. We need to start thinking global because the traditional way of education is beginning to go obsolete, and many wise and developed countries are beginning to use this opportunity to their advantage.

The population, of the world, keeps increasing day by day. The schools and colleges are getting crowded. Governments are advocating for more education to their citizens, and this is making our schools more crowded and reducing the quality of education as the government lacks the capacity to meet these needs. Online Learning could help in controlling the student’s population in our various High schools and colleges, which will, in turn, give students more quality education because the instructor or teacher might decide to split the classes into two and rotate them every week or anyhow he so desire, to make them study under less stressed and tensed atmosphere. Home learning or online learning is another way to learn free because there are many free educational resources online these days which can aid the need of a willing individual to attain some level of education in case of financial constraint.

Online courses have disadvantages too. For instance, if a student’s computer system is faulty, then he will not have any other means for covering for his day’s home learning even though the student can still re-attend the classes, but the student will be lacking the firsthand experience he would have had if he was present at the first actual class. Also, some students who cannot sit in front of the system for long hours might find Online education annoying. Online courses can also not be appealing to students who cannot use a computer. They will prefer to go to a brick and mortar colleges to have the education traditionally.

Also, online learning can be distracting for many students; because of the tendency to play on the internet instead of concentrating on their studies. And another disadvantage is that many countries in Africa and the middle east are still not familiar with the computer system and many are still lacking for a good internet. in such cases, Online courses will not fly. Online learning is very promising but the area of its applications is very complicated. Taking Online Courses can save a lot of things including time, money and fuel but for Online Learning to replace the traditional way of schooling will take time. Because people will always believe that their education is not complete until they register their names in the registers of a brick and mortar classrooms rather than the computer.


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