Living on Hope?


…a glimpse into my dad’s business.

My Dad Promotes pool, something like NairaBet. He has been in the business for more than 45 Years.

But there was only one thing that was consistent about him and that thing was HOPE.
Hope that next week would be better, hope that a game would come out right, hope on this hope on that.

But you know what…

When I clocked 22 years I found myself hoping as well. Hoping to get new customers tomorrow.

Hope to make some more money tomorrow. In fact as a technician, I do hope that a problem would be automatically solved whenever I don’t know what the problem exactly was.

But you see…

I have finally come to conclusion that Hoping will not get you anywhere.

It won’t get you any result in business or in life as a whole.

The only thing that guarantees result is an assurance of possible outcomes.

Over the years, I have learned that the only way to have result are the DELIBERATE actions you take towards solving a problem.

What problem are you facing?

Is it in Business, Academics, or life in General? I tell you today my dear friend, hope will not get you any result

I repeat: The only thing that guarantees desired result is deliberate steps towards solving a problem.

You need freedom, you have to go get it!

You need your business to improve, you have to make it happen.

You need someone to see you, you have to do what will draw his or her attention towards you.

You need more customers? It obvious that they wouldn’t just locate you unless to make awareness in the right place.

You need to talk to someone about something? business or personal life, relationship? you need to stop hoping the person would come asking you what you have to say, kill the fear because all you have to do is to go make your case.

In life, I have come to understand that nothing happens by chance but by DELIBERATE Actions.

Do you believe in MIRACLE?

Well, I believe in Miracle but I also believe that MIRACLE cannot happen if nothing is done to make it happen;

it maybe deliberate prayer and fasting, it may be deliberate dedication to something or someone…

It is with no question that when deliberate preparedness encounters opportunity is what brings about MIRACLE.

Something has to be done in other to get what you need!

If you have been hoping all this while, I think now is time for you to stand up and do something deliberate to move you towards getting your desired results.
You put money into Panzi Scheme hoping that you would be merged with someone else who would come and offer help to you as well. That, to me, is not smart enough for a civilized person like you.

Even though the Pool agents do forecast, I tell you, nothing about pool, gambling, nor chances is certain.

I will advise you just as I have advised myself to stop doing what is not certain, STOP hoping that result would come without doing anything.

From today, when you need something, all you have to do is to go get it. Certainty pays far better than hope, in the end your intentions would be justified.

Good to see you read through.

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