Free Education For Adult, Kindergarten, and Primary School Students In Canada.

How Does Gov’t Funded Tuition Work?
Need help paying for your education? Don’t worry, Flex ED is a fully accredited, publicly funded, online school, recognized by the Government of Saskatchewan. This means that as long as you register before September 28th, the Provincial Government will pay 100% of your tuition fees. However, register after September 28th, and you’ll miss the opportunity of receiving your online education for free. Non-Government funded courses are billed monthly, per course. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn for free, register today!

Choose your grade and classes for the upcoming school year. With Kindergarten through Grade 12, and Adult Education available, Flex ED has the classes, and programs to fit everyone’s unique individual needs and lifestyles. Looking to take just individual courses? No problem. Flex ED offers both full, and part-time programs, giving you the flexibility to take the courses you want, when you want, even from the comfort of your own home!


Once you’ve selected your grade for the upcoming school calendar, you’ll be eligible to enroll for the fall! Simply pay the Flex ED School fee, and you’ll automatically be enrolled. With free, Government funded tuition, you’ll be saving monthly tuition payments per each individual course. And that’s worth signing up for, don’t you think?

Late on signing up? Don’t worry. You’re still eligible for enrollment up until September 28th!

Come September, you’ll be able to access your online courses through Flex ED’s unique online learning platform from the comfort of anywhere, including your own home. Students can learn, attend classes, and complete assignments on their own schedule. Whether you’re a night owl, world traveler, or early bird, you’ll always be able to access and attend Flex ED’s accredited programs.

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