How To Inexpensively Evaluate Your Credentials For Admissions Or Work Purposes. US/CA

Higher Institution of learning and employers rely on bodies evaluating Credential evaluation bodies to determine the value of foreign grades and credentials for admission or employment purposes. Many international students must present their credentials and transcripts for evaluation before admission in the United States and Canada. I will be sharing with you some recognized bodies specialized in this in this article, because it is very important for students and other immigrants to understand how the international credential services work.

Approved Credential Evaluators in the United States

Some of the credential evaluators in the U.S emerged when the international student’s statistics studying in the US skyrocketed above 20,000 per annum after the second world war. And as I write this article, the number has increased to more than 1 million. I think the government saw a very good way to generate funds through understanding the grades of every student coming from India, Nigeria, South Korea, Indonesia etc. And this has really helped the US bring down the rising cost of higher education in recent times because the enrollment of some of the international students took care of the pressure to keep the tuition affordable. Even though some schools evaluate credentials themselves, yet the following professional associations have played a huge role in sustaining the act. These bodies maintain the standards in making sure the criteria are met before accepting a student or an employee.

1.Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc.

2.National Association of Credential Evaluation Services

3.Evaluation Service,

4.Foreign Credential Service of America

5.International Education Equivalency Evaluation Services, Inc.

6.SpanTran Educational Services


8.World Education Services.

Because this is an integral part of admission and immigration into the US, it is very important for anybody aspiring to study or work in the US to look into the above bodies very carefully and choose the one suitable for their needs. You can comment below if you will need more help.

Approved Credential Evaluators in Canada

Like the united states, Canada has several bodies evaluating credentials and grades as well, For the federal skill immigration programs, study, and business. Candidate must evaluate their credentials via some bodies like Educational credential assessment (ECA) or credential evaluation. The Canadian government chose seven evaluators from 2013 through 2015 who are members of the alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada to assess the credentials of immigrants coming to Canada on different immigration programmes.

1.Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (CES)

2.International Credential Assessment Service of Canada(ICAS)

3.World Education Services(WES)

4.International Qualifications Assessment Service(IQAS)

5.International Credential Evaluation Service(ICES)

6.Medical Council of Canada

7.Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (professional body for Pharmacists)

All the credentials of Internationally educated employees and students are evaluated in-house by these bodies and they are worth the time to investigate, so to understand how they work and how important are they to people aspiring to live, study, or work in Canada.