Altman Family and the Paul Ecke, Jr Scholarship  – 2018

These two merit-based, prestigious scholarships have been funded by contributions from two industry families to assist in funding the education of floriculture graduate students.

Students have the opportunity to apply for the Altman Family Scholarship and the Paul Ecke, Jr.* Scholarship at the same time!  Each year, one student will be selected for each scholarship.

Applicants must be in the process of successfully completing either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in horticulture or a related field (e.g., agricultural engineering, entomology, agricultural marketing and economics, plant pathology, etc.) and must have the intention of pursuing an MS or Ph.D. degree on a full-time basis.

One student will be awarded $5,000 for one year, although the same person may receive it a second year should their application score the highest.

“I believe, if given the right tools and earned support, I can work with others to help make this industry better and more efficient than it was yesterday,” said 2017 Altman recipient Travis Higginbotham.

The Paul Ecke, Jr. Scholarship honors the late Paul Ecke, Jr., who made significant contributions to the floriculture industry and believed strongly in research and education.
He was concerned about the future of floriculture and recognized that innovative researchers and educators are necessary for the continued success of the industry.
One student will receive $5,000 for two consecutive years, providing that they continue to meet requirements for this duration and submit an annual update.
Application Deadline: Feb. 1, 2018


Interested Students apply Here

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