Actually, You Need Hope!


…a glimpse into Abraham, Sarah’s husband Story.

This man started out by hearing from God a simple instruction coupled with a promise.

He without any doubt trusted the voice he heard and chose to obey it.

During his journey, God made different promises to him and had different covenants with him which one of them was that he would have a child.

Even while at 90 years old, he still had Faith in God believing that he would fulfill his promise thereby hoping that one day he also would be a father.

He was later ascribed to as the father of Faith.

Then I began to wonder if there is different between Hope and Faith.

Abraham had faith in God. He chose to believe that He will do whatever he promise to do.

Later on in the Bible where his story was taken from, an Author made this two disturbing statements…

  1. ‘Delayed hope makes the heart sick…’
  2. ‘Faith Without work is dead’.

*This write-up will definitely end up by telling you where hope is highly useful in one’s life and how to properly use it to keep us moving in life at large… please read on.

Come to think of it….

…Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

And dictionary also says it is ‘Complete trust or confidence in someone or something’.

What then is hope?

After few research I chose to go with the Wikipedia’s definition which says…

‘Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind that is based on an EXPECTATION of positive outcome’…

Which means for hope to be activated you need to have had faith in something that the positive or negative response of it will end up in giving positive result somehow anyhow no matter what.

‘Just like trying to start new business, you will have your ups and down but the assurance the product you are selling gave will give you hope that… the business will work. You simple learn your lesson and try again.’

So, in other to keep Faith alive… YOU NEED HOPE!

…and without Faith in a person or a thing… Hope is useless!

*Without Work, that is; A Vision, Goals, a Lay-Down Plan and Action to carry them out, faith in anything will get you nothing!

“It will just be like a latest Range Rover Sport Without an Engine… as beautiful as it is, it’s definitely going nowhere!”

So, what are you hoping for to come to pass?

A Fiction or a Vision?

Please think about it and take a necessary actions…

Abraham didn’t just had Faith in God and hoped that God would fulfill his promises but he also walked with God in faithfulness doing his part of the promises and covenants that gave him hope in the first place.

Do your part this season, have a clear Vision, Set a Goal, have a Plan to achieve the Goal and get to work.

Have Faith in your vision, let hope always remind you that you will accomplish your dream.

When you meet obstacles let Hope remind you of the reward you will get if you overcome the obstacles– in short, Let Hope Help You Keep Your Faith Alive!

…and you will become a champion, in no time.

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