About Us

Internet and technology are constantly changing the way we see education. It gives us to the ability to explore great and timely information anywhere and anyhow we want it.As a group of people who are trying to invest in the future of education in Africa, we have decided to help students in their learning by connecting them to online tutors via this platform. A student could lose focus easily, and be unable to absorb the needed knowledge to excel in their studies if they are finding it hard to get people who are ready to put them through on a particular course.

TutourAfrique Idea is to build an online platform for both the students and tutors, so education will be more fun and less stressful in Africa. We are building an academic community of people who are willing to share their knowledge with each other, belonging to a group and networking socially is one of those ways we are planning to ease educational stress with this project.Also sharing undergraduate and graduate projects with like-minded people will easily expose brilliant African students to the world. Tutor Afrique is a project developed to shift how we learn in Africa.