A 71 – Year Old Protested To Remain On His Job In Canada.

A 71-year-old Claude Gourneau is a retired teacher, who works as a chef at the Costco warehouse in Quebec City He reached out for help as he felt His right was being withheld. He explained the problem started when CDS took over food demonstrations in Costco in August because they used to have a lot of rights like sitting after working for some time and some other materials they enjoyed while they work. But now, they have lost a lot of that, and He is very astonished. He went on by saying His colleagues between the ages of 60 and 75 were penalized for resting on the wall because they have no place to sit. And He also said they were restricted from drinking water while working, and he seems not to understand the main issue.

He yelled that they are not lazy but old. And this opportunity to work brings some certain joy to them because they are not idle, and they pay their taxes. He said He once quarrel with the management the day they asked Him either He does away with His bench or go home, He has even talked to His direct boss about this issue which he said they advised Him to get a medical report required by the CDS standard. Today He (Gourdeau) is among the workers CDS has given exception in the company. He concluded by saying He hope the management will ease up with His colleagues too because they are all old but not Lazy and want to be useful to the society.

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