5 Smart Ways To Read And Understand.

Reading these days have become a big deal for many people especially the students. Why because there are so many distractions these days because of the technology developments we have at our disposals. Platforms like Instagram, snap chat, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and viber are whole lots of distraction for the youths. But reading is very important for good CGPA and great success in so many areas of life. So how do we read without distraction and the stress that comes with reading? or better still, how do we read for fun? Below are some outlines about reading that will be helpful if we apply them to our routines.


  1. Read for short hours.

Make sure you do not exhaust yourself trying to read for long consecutive hours, it drains the energy, and it reduces the level of assimilation. To make it fun, you get up for recess every 1 hr because it will help in rejuvenating your energy and making your brain more sharp and ready to assimilate faster. you can go for a walk in a park, watch some movies, or eat. Many good activities to help relax your mind so you can concentrate more on what you are reading.

  1. Change your thinking.

Reading is supposed to be fun because it ls for the betterment of our minds, but you can only make it fun if you relieve yourself of the mindset that it is hard, fine, there are lot of distractions around that might make reading so hard to do, or thing that might make you think reading is a waste of time, but Hey! you expand your mind when you read, and when you make it fun, it relief you of the stress that comes it with. All you need do is just rid your mind of any negative thoughts about reading, and just do it whenever you need to do it. Sit down, concentrate, and read.

  1. Discover your reading strength and weaknesses.

Many of us are too careless about knowing our being, and our strength. Different people have different times they read and assimilate. Yours is to discover the best time you read and understand and not compare yourself with someone else, many like reading with music while some love a secluded and silent place to read. When you discover these two things, you will discover your reading will be so fun and you will never get stressed reading again. Discover yourself!

  1. Read repeatedly.

 It is very rare to assimilate all the contents of a material at the first reading. They best way to comprehend what you read is to read and revisit the content again for more reading, so it can register in your mind so you can understand the concepts so well. it will be so stressful to go on the verge of understanding a concept at once, but you can make it fun to understand by glancing through, reading and forgetting, and more perseverance in visiting the same material again for more understanding. in nutshell, try reading over and over for better understanding.

5. Make it Dynamic.

Changing your reading position is another way to make if fun to do, remember I discussed desisting to be reading long hours. Here are great tips to make your reading a fun. While you go for recess, you can decide to change your reading position when resuming, at times you might start from inside the car and end it at a cafe or a motel to save you from some boredom that might arise from reading. Reading should be fun, and it should be rid of distractions. Note these 5 tips, and apply it to yourself share it with your friends and let them also learn some fun ways to read and understand in this distracted world.


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