10 Websites To Sharpen Your Entrepreneurial Skills

10 Websites To Sharpen Your Entrepreneurial Skills

Business, management, marketing, finances are very necessary skills for all entrepreneur. And with the technology advancement these days, one can easily learn from various websites around for an utmost knowledge to making this happen. Below are 10 different websites that will aid your entrepreneurial skills as you move on with your purpose in life.

  1. Entrepreneur Magazine

Category: Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, you must fly with birds of the same feather. You must always chase after the news and write-ups like the one we have on this magazine’s website because they are contents of the world’s best entrepreneurs’ is useful. Check out the website here

  1. Harvard Business Blog

Category: Management, General

A very important website for all entrepreneur because of the wealth of knowledge the Harvard business writers have uploaded on this blog. Great ideas and real-life business operations among many others are on this blog. Check out the website here

  1. Get Rich Slowly

Category: Finance

Get Rich Slowly is a very funny but true word for any entrepreneur, this blog teaches how you can handle your personal finance at all levels, coupled with some real-life stories that will motivate you. Check out the website here

  1. Open Forum

Category: Small Business, General business

Open Forum is a combination of advice put together for business owners by the credit card company called American Express. They are very useful articles to sharpen your mind and make you learn from established business owners for free. You can check the website out. Check out the website here

  1. TechCrunch

Category: Online Business, Technology

Techcrunch is a big name in technology blogging and some other business news. They are all out for timely announcements of tech news and some business deals around the world, and it is an essential website for all entrepreneurs to learn and to unlearn. Check out the website here


Category: Management, General

Bnet is a website that has become a major resource for business purposes. They majorly concentrate on management, and they counsel individuals and big organizations.Check out the website here

  1. Venture Beat

Category: New Ventures, Technology

Venture Beat will keep you updated as to the happenings in business. Most especially the internet business and many more topics, it will broaden your knowledge and make you current. Check out the website here

  1. OnStartups

Category: Start-ups, Entrepreneurship

On Startup’s blog focuses on entrepreneurs and start-ups’ they also talk about the macroeconomy and consumer behaviors. You will like it. Check out the website here

  1. WSJ Small Business

Category: Small Business

This wall street content journal website will help you to develop rapidly as a small business owner. The website solves a lot of problems in running a successful business because these resources come from the nook and cranes of the world business locations. Check out the website here

  1. Seth Godin’s Blog

Category: Marketing, Small Business

Seth Godin’s website will blow your mind, it will attract, you to learn and it will make you get great insights on how business is run and how marketing works. You will always want more of Seth Godin every day because he communicates clearly in a very short word. Check out the website here


You are free to add more to this list because we believe in knowledge, and the best way we can learn is by sharing what we know. Comment below.





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